Gov. Paul LePage has left me wondering if he knows what he is talking about. I have read a number of times about his complaint that Maine has the oldest population of any state in the union. I am 78 and take his rantings personal.

LePage says Maine needs the young and smart. Of course it does, but has he forgotten who elected him? It was the elderly and (evidently) the not so smart.

The Sun Journal recently reported that the state of Maine was rated the third most popular state for retirees. One of the benefits cited was that Maine has so many elderly people. People like being around other people their age. If LePage didn’t try so hard to be noticed by his leader (he has done everything but beat a drum while singing praises to Donald Trump) he might recognize an opportunity.

If you have too many lemons, make lemonade. And stop complaining about the elderly.

Jim Keough, Litchfield

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