100 years ago, 1917
A certain Lewiston man was driving up Lisbon street, Friday, and as he turned onto Main street, a runner of his sleigh caught in the car track and the sleigh tipped over. It happened that the forward part of the vehicle was laden with packages of crackers and Lisbon street was covered with food products which scattered in all directions when the sleigh tipped. The owner of the crackers seemed little concerned but picked them up merely to save work for the street department.

50 years ago, 1967
An official of the Bates Manufacturing Co. today denied reports of a substantial layoff at the Lewiston textile mill. H. C. Gosselin, assistant to the president of the company, stated that there was no layoff of employees but said that the operations of one department were curtailed for one day, Friday. Gosselin said that the curtailment was in the weaving department and was made necessary by a backlog of work in the dying and finishing departments. The mill official said that the curtailment was undertaken to balance production and said that few employees other than those in the weaving department were affected by the temporary shutdown. Gosselin said he expects that all departments will he operating at a normal pace on Monday.

25 years ago, 1992
At Chairman John Aliberti’s insistence, the Lewiston School Committee has finally taken a stand on the report of the Mayor’s Task Force on Excellence in Education, endorsing on-site management as a means of promoting excellence through innovation in the schools. Like a parent telling a child he can’t leave the dinner table until he’s eaten all his brussels sprouts, Aliberti doggedly forced the committee Monday to establish its position on the task force report for once and for all. It seemed that the members wanted to keep on chewing, but not quite swallow, the “brussels sprouts” of a motion put on their plates by Ward 2 representative Steve Hochstadt.

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