CHESTERVILLE — Police say a Livermore man was handcuffed when he ate cocaine, taken from him as evidence, from the hood of a state police cruiser.

Caleb Hupper, 27, was arrested on charges of operating under the influence, refusing to submit to arrest, possession of scheduled drugs, violating condition of release, operating without a license because of restrictions on his license not to drink alcohol and drive, and falsifying evidence.

Maine State Police Trooper Randy Hall said he found Hupper in his vehicle after it went off Ridge Road near the Fayette town line at 3:39 a.m. Sunday.

Hupper said he went off the road while lighting a cigarette, the trooper said. Hupper had been arrested on a charge of operating under the influence on Feb. 19 in Farmington and was in violation of bail conditions, according to police.

Hall said he handcuffed Hupper and took him to the front of the cruiser to make sure his cruiser’s dash video camera recorded the search and arrest.

The trooper said he found an eighth of an ounce of cocaine, about 3.5 grams, in Hupper’s front pocket. Hall put the cocaine on the hood of the cruiser along with everything else that was in Hupper’s pockets.


Hupper was holding his hands tightly and Hall thought maybe he was trying to hide something. He asked Hupper to lean forward so he could check the waistband in the back of his pants.

When Hupper leaned forward he used his mouth to grab the cocaine and started chewing it, Hall said.

Hupper tried to run, Hall said, but he tackled him in the road. By then Hupper had eaten about half of the cocaine, Hall said. 

Hupper was not hurt and the vehicle was not damaged, police said.

Hall took him to the Franklin County Detention Center in Farmington. Hupper posted $2,500 cash bail and was released later Sunday. He is scheduled to appear in a Farmington court April 25.

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Caleb Hupper

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