FARMINGTON — A retired Regional School Unit 9 teacher is suing the district for unpaid wages plus interest from Sept. 1, 2003, to June 15, 2016, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Franklin County Superior Court.

Janet Plouffe of Industry worked for RSU 9 as a part-time teacher two full days per week, according to the complaint.

Under RSU 9’s policy and practice, the lawsuit claims that part-time teachers such as Plouffe were compensated an amount equal to the proportion that their work hours compared to the five days per week that full-time teachers worked.

The lawsuit filed by attorney Donald F. Fontaine of Portland claims the district paid her for one and a half days per week, not two.

After Plouffe ended her employment with the district she demanded payment of wages she claims she earned. The district failed within a reasonable time to pay in full, according to the document.

The lawsuit also claims Plouffe was economically injured by RSU 9’s conduct in two ways: First, having to work without pay for half a day each week; and second, a decrease in her retirement payment from the Maine Public Employees Retirement System “which will last for the rest of her life.”


Plouffe receives a retirement payment of $566.88 per month.

In addition, the suit is seeking a second claim for relief for working without compensation under Maine’s unfair agreement law because RSU 9 “knew the hours (Plouffe) worked and knew what her compensation was, and so has unlawfully required, permitted, and agreed that (Plouffe) was to perform work for the (district) without compensation” in violation of the law.

In a third claim for relief provided under the Minimum Wage Law, the lawsuit claims that RSU 9 employed Plouffe for half a day each week under conditions that allowed her to work below the minimum wage, which violated the law.

The suit asks the court to award Plouffe her unpaid minimum wages; an additional amount equal to the wages the court finds to be due to her; and the cost of the lawsuit, including a reasonable attorney’s fee and any further relief the court deems to be just and proper.

Fontaine and RSU 9 Superintendent Tom Ward were not available for comment Wednesday on the lawsuit.

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