If all goes as planned, a 30-piece military band will be performing in Rumford this summer.
EnvisionRumford President Randall Therrien told group members Thursday morning they are working to bring the 195th Army National Guard Band here. The band would also play a role of a dedication of a gazebo being planned this spring in the downtown Veterans Memorial Park.
Therrien said the hope is to have the band in Rumford for the Memorial Day parade, but he said they may already have a commitment in Skowhegan.
“If we can’t work out the parade for the Memorial weekend, they (the band) will be in western Maine the end of June into the Fourth of July, so we could book them for a date that week if we can.”
The 195th Army Band, stationed in Bangor, has performed across the United States with a focus on New England.
The band is comprised of musicians from all over the state of Maine. The 195th offers a wide array of performing groups, including a full concert band, marching band, brass quintet, sax quartet jazz combo and a rock group. They typically meet one weekend a month for rehearsals and performances, with a two-week block of time in the summer. In addition, select extra performances happen during the year.
Bernie Pare of EnvisionRumford said the gazebo will be started before the end of April or as late as early May, and be completed by Memorial Day.
He said they’re working on getting students from Region 9 to assist with the project. That could mean $250 of additional liability insurance for a period of time from April 1 to June 1 to cover 10 students under age 18 to volunteer, as well as four adults.
As part of the Making Headway In Your Community program, residents voted May 23 for the bandstand. It was among 10 ideas pitched for a community project.
The Making Headway program will provide $1,000 in cash toward the project. There will be a local match, which can be met with labor and materials, as well as donations.
Rumford is one of the five selected communities for the program this year, which is a funded program from the Maine Development Foundation and Grow Smart. Rumford was selected for its demonstrated readiness to begin this process and the compatible timing of related community development efforts in the communities.
EnvisionRumford is the local partner for this effort.
Therrien said a second business after hours is tentatively planning for March 28 at the Rumford American Legion.
“This one will be focused on community resources. The idea is that the Chamber, the Rotary, the Rumford Ahead, our group, and invite other groups — people who have had a community presence and are doing events, or have some kind of initiative that they’re working on — to come and talk about their group. What is it that they are doing.”
He added that a representative from each group could talk about their club’s accomplishments and:
* do they have websites;
* how do they interact;
* is there an opportunity for us to share resources there?
* what are the goals, priorities, activities scheduled, and what challenges do you have ahead?
* what areas of opportunity to you see that you might need some help with?

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