A number of non-citizens causing concern include illegal aliens, foreign visitors who overstay their time, and legal immigrants from terrorist countries. An estimated 11,000,000 illegal aliens are in the United States currently.

The situation has deteriorated into a national security problem and made worse by “sanctuary cities,” where local police are forbidden to ask the immigration status of an alien or arrest them. Citizens have been killed and robbed by the criminals among the illegals .

In addition there are children who were not born here, but brought here with illegal parents. Also, there are abuses of the “anchor baby” law with the large families connected to them legally claiming residence here.

Presidents Bush and Obama did little to control this nation’s borders.

Liberals incorrectly use the term ”immigrant” for an illegal alien. That has unnecessarily alarmed legal immigrants regarding the intentions of the Trump administration.

I agree with President Trump. First, control the borders. Second, deport the criminal element. Third, defund the cities which persist in being sanctuaries and ignoring the laws of the United States.

For the remainder of the illegals, if they are skilled and employed, give them a work permit and a place in line for citizenship. The same should be applied to those who were brought here as a young child. Consider deportation of the illegal unskilled — unemployed aliens.

The United States is morally obliged to give humanitarian refuge to displaced people, but it must be controlled, and other countries must help.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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