A loose translation from someone whose name I cannot recall went something like “Anyone who ignores their history is doomed to repeat it.”

Well, let’s see … China once built the largest wall in the world, but the Mongols had little trouble in destroying the then Chinese empire.

East Berlin thought a wall was a great idea. Instead, it brought about the demise of the communist system there.

We have some walls in various spots on America’s southern borders. Those don’t stop anyone from simply digging underneath them.

And, oh yes, there is the political history, too. History shows that the quickest way to take complete control of a country is to lead by edict (executive order). Next, of course, is to say anything you want … often. Say it often enough and, soon, people will believe it.

Finally, do everything you can to discredit the public media. After all, you know better what the people should know. Right?

Anything sound familiar?

Dick Rosenberg, Sabattus

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