I am an American. I want my vote counted. I have listened to the reasons why some politicians don’t want my vote counted, and I am reminded of what the con artist replied when asked if his conscience bothered him after lying and cheating to so many people. He answered, “You can’t cheat an honest man.”

He went on about how the con artist plays to peoples’ greed and their streaks of larceny that make them easy marks for a con job, because they want an edge or an advantage — such as a stacked deck of cards or a peek at the answers.

I am tired of being a mark for some con-man politician. I don’t care about a candidate’s visits to Lisbon, or anywhere else for that matter. Or that the people in the country want their votes counted equal to a city population. Maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but I’m sure they don’t want it under the same conditions — namely dirt and crime, noise and crowding — or of denying a fellow American the right to vote. That is what is done by con-men politicians.

I am an American, and I want my vote counted.

Jim Keough, Litchfield

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