Paris Board of Selectmen

March 27, 2017

Paris Town Office

Sewer project

What happened: Town Manager Vic Hodgkins announced the stormwater separation project had its timeline pushed back.

What it means: Hodgkins recently met with Corey Lewis of the Department of Environmental Protection and Rob Prue of Pine Tree Engineering and the engineer for the project to discuss next steps. In 2015, the DEP mandated the Paris Utility District stop the unnecessary treatment of stormwater at its wastewater treatment facility by 2019 when its license is up for renewal or face fines. The project includes the removal of 22 catch basins from the sewer system, diverting the stormwater to a new location, which will be paid for through an 18-year bond. The total project cost is not yet finalized.


What’s next: If things go as planned, the project would go out to bid this spring, break ground in late summer or early fall and be completed by the summer of 2018.

Sidewalk project

What happened: Hodgkins told selectmen he met with Norway Town Manager David Holt and Robert Prue of Pine Tree Engineering to discuss the Alpine Street sidewalk and road project.

What it means: Alpine Street is located in Paris and Norway and the common thesis is the town line runs down the middle of the street, though Hodgkins said no one is exactly sure. This project has been in the works since 2011 and has been delayed because the funding from a state grant to pay for 80 percent of the project wasn’t available before. The remaining 20 percent will be split between the two towns.

What’s next: The project could happen in the summer of 2018. Towns are looking at whether or not to replace a 100-year-old storm drain that is failing as part of the project.

Park bathroom


What happened: Selectmen approved the bid specs for an ad for the restroom project at Moore Park.

What it means: Longtime Parks and Recreation Committee Chairman Dana Chandler has championed getting a permanent bathroom built in Moore Park for a while to replace the port-a-potty the town pays $250 a year to have cleaned and $111 a month to rent. The project includes a cement pad and building with a one-stall, handicapped-accessible bathroom and a 1,000-gallon storage tank. There would be no running water in the bathroom.

What’s next: Bids are due by 2 p.m. Thursday, April 20, which includes a project complete date by Friday, June 23, or a $200 late fee will be assessed each day past the completion date. Selectmen will review the bids at their Monday, April 24, meeting. Hodgkins will call Chandler to figure out what the Parks and Recreation Committee’s cleaning process has been by comparing a similar bathroom at Ruggs Field.

Workshop set

What happened: At the request of the Economic Development Committee, selectmen set up a joint workshop for next week.

What it means: The workshop is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, April 3, at the Town Office, 33 Market Square. Selectmen also gave approval for the committee to launch a slogan contest for the town of Paris to be used for marketing purposes.


What’s next: Selectmen will sign off on the slogan before it will be used.

1 Paris Hill

What happened: Selectmen unanimously approved the charge for the 1 Paris Hill Committee.

What it means: The committee was formed to govern the use of the recreational space at 1 Paris Hill Road, which the town leases from the Paris Utility District. The committee held a meeting last week where Hodgkins showed members the charge. No changes were suggested.

What’s next: Before any recreational activities can be held at the site, the PUD needs to sign off on each one, which is part of the lease agreement.

Liquor licenses

What happened: Selectmen held public hearings and unanimously approved liquor licenses for Smokin’ Dave’s Backyard BBQ & Grill and Riverside Lodge and Sauna.

What it means: Smokin’ Dave’s applied for a liquor license for the first time and Riverside Lodge and Sauna asked for a renewal. Each business will be able to serve beer and wine for one year before having to appear before the selectboard for a renewal.

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