It is time, once again, for Durham’s town meeting, ironically on Saturday, April Fool’s Day.

Anyone who has read the town warrant might wonder if the joke is on us, the taxpayers, as once again the slate is set to increase town taxes by 11 percent if all articles pass as recommended. That does not include the proposed 4 percent increase outlined by the RSU proposed budget.

In all but one instance, the Budget Committee and selectmen agreed on each proposal. Where exactly is the fiscal responsibility?

It is very sad for families who have lived in this town and tried to maintain the rural character that everyone who wants to move here seems to want something else.

That rural character will be history before long if residents don’t get out to town meeting this Saturday and help reign in the spending that has grown out of control during the past decade.

Do we need to maintain the infrastructure we have? Yes, we sure do but we need to stop adding to empires that have been built in this small, quaint town. Once they are in place, there is no going back, as I have witnessed for some time now.

An 11 percent increase in taxes? Did any residents get an 11 percent raise this year in their wages or Social Security? Didn’t think so.

I hope others will join me in trying to keep Durham the pleasant, affordable town it should be.

Eric Bowie, Durham

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