LIVERMORE — Selectpersons and the Budget Committee voted Wednesday night to recommend $131,941 for administration for 2017-18, providing a $2,844 raise for Deputy Clerk Jean Tardif.

Administrative Assistant/Treasurer Amy Byron had proposed spending $136,580 to provide a buffer should the federal Department of Labor make a determination on salary thresholds and overtime. 

Some money was budgeted last year for the new overtime law but wasn’t used because the new rules were put on hold.

The boards talked about switching Byron’s pay as administrative assistant from salaried to an hourly rate. She is paid less than her predecessor, Administrative Assistant Carrie Castonguay, who was paid $44,200 when she was hired in 2014; Bryon was paid $680 per week, or $35,360, when she was hired in May 2016.

As treasurer, Byron is paid an hourly rate for 10 hours a week. Byron said she spends about 65 hours per week on the two jobs during budget season.

In other deliberations, the Budget Committee and selectpersons voted to recommend different amounts for the transfer station.


Supervisor Juanita Bryant said she would use the $3,535 targeted for Oxford County Regional Recycling Corp. for raises, if the corporation disbands as anticipated.

The Budget Committee recommended $100,251, the same as last year. Bryant said that amount was sufficient.

Selectpersons voted to recommend $102,123 to give attendant Jim Bryant a raise and bring his salary in line with similar employees. 

Different amounts were also recommended for highway capital improvement. Road foreman Roger Ferland requested $350,000. It includes $320,000 for the Robinson Road and $5,000 for associated ledge/rock removal, $14,000 for a top coat on Tessier Road, and $11,000 for cold mix patching.

Selectpersons voted 3-2 to recommend that amount. Mark Chretien, Wayne Timberlake and Timothy Kachnovich voted in favor. Tom Gould and Megan Dion voted against it. 

Budget Committee member Warren Forbes said there is a benefit to having better roads, but he was concerned that the amount requested each year has escalated. He said he preferred staying with $330,000, the same as last year. The committee recommended that amount.


No recommendations were made on the $186,000 proposed for highway equipment. The town is considering buying a dump truck and possibly trading in a medium-sized truck.

Budget Committee Chairwoman Brenda Merrill said a lot more research is needed before the town meeting. 

The committee and selectpersons recommended $8,500 for the library and $345,340 for the Highway Department. 

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