Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School is the only school in the country where students actually build a race car. Each member of the “Aspire Higher Race Car Team” brings their expertise into a team approach to learning. The strengths of each aspiring artist, graphic designer, media specialist, auto mechanic, race car driver, etc., are integrated into a hugely successful program.

Sitting in the audience of the “Appreciation Celebration” recently, it was evident to me that this program is truly working. Greeters at the door, well integrated slide presentations, student presentations, great attention to detail and top-notch speakers — everything about the program was professionally done.

Keynote speaker Austin Theriault, 2017 ARCA Daytona champion, had high praise for this program and all the team members who make up the Aspire Higher Race Car Team. Theriault told how this program could have helped him be better prepared for the team effort that is required of race car drivers. Praise was also given by speaker Peter Prescott, CEO of E J Prescott Inc. He spoke of the importance of team effort in the business world. Prescott feels strongly that this type of learning will put those students ahead of others as they apply for jobs and bring them more success in their lives.

Parents of Aspire Higher Race Car Team members, our community, the school and its administrators should be proud of the accomplishments of that group of young people. I know I am.

Sandra Poland, West Paris

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