Attorney Sarah Glynn speaks in Maine District Court in Lewiston on Wednesday morning for her client Laurie Young, the driver of a truck that struck and killed a middle school student in a Lewiston crosswalk in November.

LEWISTON – A South Paris woman who struck and killed a Lewiston Middle School student in November entered a denial Wednesday morning in 8th District Court to a civil motor vehicle violation of failing to yield to a pedestrian in a walkway resulting in death.

Laurie Young, 54, of South Paris was charged with the civil violation by Lewiston police in January. In civil cases, defendents can either admit or deny a charge.

Jayden Cho-Sargent, 13, of Lewiston was killed when he was struck in the crosswalk while crossing Main Street at the intersection of Frye Street by a Ford F-150 pickup truck driven by Young.

According to a news release from interim Police Chief Brian O’Malley, the investigation included “accident reconstruction and cellphone analysis.” O’Malley said records indicate Young was not on her cellphone at the time of the incident.

If convicted of the charge, she could be fined up to $5,000 and have her driver’s license suspended for between 14 days and four years, according to the release.


Sarah Glynn, Young’s attorney, said that a trial management conference had been scheduled for June 20.

District Court Judge Susan Oram said that typically, a “case of this type would be scheduled for a trial.”

“Because of the complexity of this particular case, it might be beneficial to have a trial management conference beforehand,” Oram said.

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