The Sun Journal had two stories March 29 that appear to be both draconian and schizophrenic.

In one, Gov. Paul LePage was joking while “stiffing” waiters and waitresses out of one-half of their tip, asking them to beg for the other half.

In the second story, LePage sought to “lock tougher welfare rules.” Is the governor ready to cause more sadness and degradation from those who need aid the most?

Most waitstaff use their tips and positions to help their inadequate income. Shame on LePage for asking them to give up any type of public assistance. Is he mendacious enough to follow Donald Trump and honor that preening, pruning peacock of a fake president?

Many workers, common workers, rely on tips and gratitude to make ends meet. That may never change, but it may be eased without the sadistic opinion of a half-governor.

Perhaps LePage would like to raise his income by one-half (he is one of the lesser paid governors in the nation; rightly so).


Would that increase in pay allow him to tip properly? I doubt it.

Would Maine’s First Lady appreciate a one-half tip from anyone and then be lectured to beg for the second half?

Is she working part-time as a waitress to help out the first family?

This does not happen often, but this callow fellow cannot find words to describe his disgust.

Anthony Esposito, Auburn

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