DEAR SUN SPOTS: Again I need your help or possibly from a reader of your column. Until the closing of D & R Framing on Cross St. in Auburn, I had no problem having my framing done, but now I do. My question is, do you know if they relocated? If so, where and how can I get in touch with them? I sure hope so for I have a project ready for framing. If not available, could an alternative be suggested? Thank you so much. — M.L.S., Auburn.

ANSWER: Unfortunately, D & R Framing is closed and has not relocated. If anyone offers this service or knows of a local business that offers custom framing, please let Sun Spots know.

Here are a few businesses that offer custom framing: 

  • Hobby Lobby is currently the only craft store in Auburn that offers custom framing. Hobby Lobby at 65 Mt. Auburn Ave. and can be reached by calling 207-782-6026;
  • Kimball Street Studios, 191 Lisbon St. in Lewiston, specializes in fine art framing. They can be reached at 207-333-3342;
  • The Picture Framer is a specialty shop at 81 Main St. in Topsham. They can be reached by calling 207-729-7765; and
  • 100 Aker Wood is another specialty framing shop. They are at 413 Main St. in Norway and can be reached by calling 207-743-9539 or email

HELLO SUN SPOTS: I’ve been reading your column since its inception. I find it to be informative, helpful and sometimes, even humorous. We live in a Lewiston neighborhood with underground utilities. We live in the last house built that has hookup to one particular phone, electricity and cable box along with three neighbors. Homes built before and after ours are also hooked up to similar boxes. Our box is more than 30 years old and is showing significant wear and tear. I would like to have it repaired before the four houses lose power, etc., but my neighbors and I do not know where to start and who is responsible. Can you guide us? Thank you. — Deborah, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Central Maine Power manages all electric utilities in Lewiston. The customer service line can be reached at 800-750-4000 or you can email

You could also contact the Maine Public Utilities Commission. They regulate utility service standards and monitor utility operations for safety and reliability. The commission responds to customer questions and complaints and provides information to the public. The Consumer Assistance Hotline is 800-452-4699.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can someone give me the name and address or telephone number of the person I should contact to buy discount movie tickets for Flagship? — No name, no town.

ANSWER: Check in at the box office of your local Flagship Cinemas to see if they have any special pricing or discounts. You can also send your inquiry to or try calling the cinemas directly. The Flagship Cinemas in Auburn can be reached at 207-786-8890; the Flagship Cinemas in Oxford can be reached at 207-744-2727. Check the website,, for additional information.

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