As of 2017, Lewiston has resettled approximately 7,000 refugees. Figures from the city’s own website indicate there have been 3,000 jobs created. Now, I am no rocket scientist, but that seems to be a negative number in employment.

How can people get off general assistance with no jobs available? This isn’t race or religion — it is common sense. People need jobs in Lewiston. Jobs that pay a living wage.

A rough proposal for development? Offer businesses an incentive to come to Lewiston.

For a business that would create 25-50 jobs, no property tax for two years; a business creating 50-100 jobs, no property tax for four years; for a business creating 100-250 jobs, no property tax for six years. Give existing businesses the same break if they add jobs. That would also help create other business if people have expendable cash.

Perfect example — the mall on East Avenue is virtually empty. Offer the owner a tax incentive to fill the mall with businesses.

Of course this is just a proposal, but why not?

Make Lewiston better, instead of having the nickname of the “Dirty Lew.”

Michael Tetreault, Lewiston

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