Waterford Board of Selectmen

April 10, 2017

Waterford Town Office

Earth Day cleanup

What happened: Donna McCarraher asked selectmen to allocate $200 for an Earth Day cleanup project with local children. Earth Day is April 22.

What it means: She intends to buy gloves, trash bags and T-shirts for the volunteers, and rent a dumpster.

What’s next: Selectman John Bell suggested $250 for the project, which the board approved unanimously.

Town property

What happened: The town acquired a small piece of land off Forgotten Alley in North Waterford that has a dilapidated building.

What it means: After some discussion it was decided it was not worth restoring because of a rotting roof and no septic system. 

What’s next: The property will go up for bids.

Sheriff’s Patrol

What happened: Last month, voters approved $3,672 for have a deputy enforce speed laws in town and Bill Haynes, assistant to selectmen, contacted the the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office.

What it means: The money will pay a deputy two hours a week through the summer to monitor high-traffic areas such as Waterford Flat and the intersection of Routes 118 and 35 in North Waterford. The cost is $75 per hour.

What’s next: Haynes will draft a letter to the Sheriff’s Office requesting a deputy with a radar gun for the detail.