Some time ago, I was about to turn right from Horton Street next to Webb’s Market to go up Pine Street. I looked down Pine Street and there were no cars coming. There were no pedestrians in the way but there were two cars parked in front of Webb’s Market.

I started to make my turn when my wife yelled “stop.” I stopped. A 10-speed bike cut right in front of me. He must have been going somewhat fast, at least 10 to 15 mph, because when I had looked up the street, I had seen no one. His speed got him in front of me, where he could have hit my car, or I would have hit his bike. The biggest problem was that he was going the wrong way in the bike lane. Pine Street is a one-way street. The rider had a helmet and had clothing that bike riders tend to wear. I would guess him to be in his late teens, possibly older.

I have also noticed grown men riding their bikes on the side walks. Should they not be following the laws of the road?

Parents should teach their kids the laws of the road for bicycles, just as car drivers have to learn the laws.

Bob Soucy, Lewiston

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