Last week Gov. LePage was quoted as saying that laws requiring legal notices to be published in the newspapers”prop up a dying antiquated industry.”

As a result of a few unfavorable news reports over the years, the governor wants to punish an industry that creates jobs and is a source of news that is very important for people in their everyday lives.

The Lewiston Sun Journal creates jobs for over 200 people at its Lewiston location alone.

The Bangor Daily News,The Portland Press Herald,The Brunswick Times Record and the Ellsworth American, to name a few, all play a major role in their communities and counties across the state.

The NIE Program (Newspapers in Education) is more important then ever as a source of education for our young people across the state. Students having access to free newspapers at school exposes them to all of the important national, state and local news.

A study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism found that most news still comes from traditional media — primarily newspapers — gathered the old-fashioned way, by reporters out on the streets.

Blogs and social media provide little if any original reporting. While it’s understandable that the governor may be sensitive to criticism from the press, it’s time for the governor to get on with the business of representing all Mainers in a positive, respectful manner.

As governor, Gov. LePage represents all of the people and businesses of Maine and that includes the majority of Maine voters who have never voted for him.

Joseph Golden, Leeds

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