A number of years ago, Lewiston property owners were forced to pay a new tax called a “rain tax.” Many citizens objected, but the City Council was unwilling to remove the tax.

The city of Lewiston assesses a tax based on the amount of runoff of rain water that comes from property and enters the city’s catch basins. What’s next? A “sun” tax? An “air” tax? This may sound ridiculous, but so does a “rain” tax to those of us who live in Auburn!

Here we are in 2017, and we have word that the Joint Charter Commission will be recommending that — if we vote to merge Auburn into Lewiston — the rain tax could be forced upon Auburn residents as part of the merger. This was stated clearly at the meeting held on Jan.  25 at the Franco Center.

The merger has been touted as a great step for Auburn and Lewiston. Auburnites will get to pay more and Lewiston will get huge amounts of money that it can tap into from the Auburn residents. This is not acceptable and I think I speak for most, if not all, Auburn residents.

Ronnie Walker,Auburn

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