With respect to “Bill would vet ballot questions before vote” (Friday, April 21), it is clear that many of our legislators, including Sen. Eric Brakey and Nate Libby, co-sponsors of this bill, are unhappy with the citizen initiative provisions in the Maine Constitution.

These provisions allow Maine citizens to enact laws by popular vote and bypass the Legislature. Prior to sending these ballot questions to the voters, the Legislature can enact the proposed law as written or submit a competing ballot question.

In the case of last November’s Question 5, ranked choice voting, the Legislature did neither. The question passed and became law.

Constitutional questions are bound to arise in this process. When they do, we already have ways to challenge the constitutionality of enacted laws. It’s called litigation.

Government derives its power from the people. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m wary when my elected representatives want to protect me from an excess of democracy and the tyranny of the majority.

Ralph Harder, Auburn

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