With wind towers dotting so many mountains and many more in the planning stage, it seems to me the Legislature should be tweaking laws before we completely destroy out major industry, tourism.

It’s nice to produce sustainable power, although wind isn’t economically feasible. However, when all the power goes to Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, what’s the point other than to enrich wind power companies and landowners while we ruin our landscape and kill property values because those states don’t want the towers?

We have junkyard laws to spare people from objectionable views for a few seconds while passing, yet we’re willing to subject ourselves to wind towers for decades.

In the past politicians have fared nicely with wind money. We can thank people like Angus King for the predicament we now face. If the reader isn’t currently surrounded by wind projects, just wait a while for the industry to buy a few more votes in Augusta and Washington, D.C., to further junk the already liberal requirements for a project.

Locke Mills will soon be surrounded by towers on two mountains in Milton and on two or more mountains in Greenwood. The latter towers will, thanks to new technology, be almost twice as high as towers already standing elsewhere.

Now all those bed wetting liberals can legally get stoned while sitting and watching the blades turn, fantasizing about how wonderful this is for the environment.

Dwight Mills, Greenwood

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