With the article “Farmers worried” (April 25), the Sun Journal is again publishing the Associated Press’ slanted news without balancing it with common sense.

The article reported that, according to Oregon vineyard owner Patricia Dudley, “native-born Americans just aren’t willing to work that hard,” as justification for exploiting illegal aliens as farm workers.

That is hogwash.

For the right wage, you can get all of the hard-working native-born Americans you want to do any legal job for which they are physically and mentally suited. Pay me enough, and at 84, I’ll come out of retirement to pick your peas.

If native-born Americans were paid a suitable wage to replace the illegals, and the illegals were sent home, food prices might go up a little; however, the increase should more than be made up in savings on the welfare, education and medical cost of illegals and the native-born who would be enticed off the public dole.

Thomas Standard, Sumner

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