I was in Augusta recently and met U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin as he was coming into the Cross Office Building. I was able to have a 10-minute meeting with him.

I told him that, after multiple requests from WMPAW and his constituents in Farmington, we were disappointed that he didn’t show up for a civil meeting on health care, the environment and education.

He responded by saying that meeting everyone in District 2 is difficult because it is such a widespread district and he encouraged that we tune in to his monthly phone meetings where anyone can call in and ask questions.

He also said that he is working hard to keep all the good things about health care, the environment and education in place.

I took that to be politician talk.

I reminded him that he represents us and that it is important that he listens to his constituents, and that he does what he can to support and protect our kids because we can’t have a future without good health and education for our kids.

I really stressed the part about the future for our kids.

Not sure what good it will do, but someone in an office close by clapped for me.

Ruth Ann Keister, Farmington

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