Almost 35 years ago, I chose a great place to work, play, raise a family, stay healthy, etc. I would still choose Lewiston-Auburn over almost anywhere else in the country, just like countless others did before me.

With well-staffed medical centers and services, two live theaters, several colleges, three great school departments, several arts organizations and venues, talented artists and performers, two arenas, a wildlife sanctuary, a YMCA, a YWCA and excellent programs for youth, hometown breweries, welcoming houses of worship, countless new Mainers from many countries, fine restaurants, a rich history of multiple languages spoken and cultures celebrated, family-owned businesses, big department stores, an airport/major transportation hub, a notably-low crime rate, impeccable police-citizens relationships, quality health care and retirement communities, three active senior citizens groups, and lots more potential to come, I would again choose this as the place I’d want to work, play and live out my retirement years.

That should be a great incentive for young people to do exactly what I did at age 22, when I came to check it out, fell in love with the cities and stayed.

More Schooners, Montellos, Clovers, d’Youvilles, etc., equals more jobs, including physicians, nurses, food makers, transportation folks and so on.

We need to pick up this “great place to retire” badge and wear it proudly and productively. This very well may be another infusion to help move us to where we need and want to be for economic, social, educational and cultural growth in our great cities and state.

Mitchell Clyde Thomas, Durham

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