100 years ago, 1917
“Worth it?” exclaimed Governor Milliken as he came out of the Strand Theater where 3,000 Lewiston and Auburn children had given him a royal welcome at the Sandman club big patriotic party. “I should say it was worth it! I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.” Lewiston Mayor Lemaire said it was “the most wonderful sight Lewiston ever saw,” as he watched the long, seemingly never-ending line of youngsters marching up Lisbon street. “I didn’t know there were so many children in Maine, to say nothing of right in my own town.”

50 years ago, 1967
(Photo Caption) A two-story addition to the main building at Lewiston’s Paradise Park is nearing completion. The wooden structure will house a recreation area and will serve as an amusement building when the weather does not permit outdoor activities. Dominique E. Bilodeau of 120 Howe St., Lewiston, the proprietor, said the second floor will be used as quarters for supervisory personnel.

25 years ago, 1992
Buckfield Selectman Bill Murphy visited the third grades at the Hartford-Sumner Elementary School and moderated a mock town meeting on Friday. Each student was given a list of town officials and an explanation of their duties. Then a warrant for the town of Druryville with a total budget of $1,000 was voted on by the students. Out of nine articles, which included funding for roads, streetlights and a Labor Day parade, the only funding voted down was $75 for the librarian’s salary. At the and of the meeting, Moderator Murphy asked the voters if they wished to reduce taxes by $75 or to fund the librarian’s salary. After careful consideration, the salary was reinstated. The meeting ended with a juice and donut party provided by Murphy, who held the first town meeting for the third grade last year for his daughter Mandy’s class.

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