A tax cut proposal has been put forth, but is it what the nation needs? Former Commissioner of the IRS (1953-1955) T. Coleman Andrews wrote “The income tax is bad … conceived in class hatred, employs communist principles … fulfills Marxist prophecy … destroying capitalist society, and we should find another way to raise revenue …”

There is another way. The fair tax, HR25 and S18, but no Maine U.S. senator or representative has ever supported it. It would eliminate all corporate and business income taxes, which they don’t pay. Those taxes are added to everything people buy new (22-26 percent).

It would also end the individual income tax and the IRS, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, the “death” tax, self-employment tax, alternative minimum tax, the gift tax and the capital gains taxes.

Workers’ paychecks would increase 20-30 percent but the Democrats won’t support it, either.

How would government collect taxes? A 23 percent tax on everything people buy new would replace the 22-26 hidden taxes people pay now. The 150 million workers now paying into Medicare would increase to more than 300 million and 50 million tourists would contribute when they bought anything new.

Every month, a rebate check would go out to every head of household to cover the taxes on necessities, according to the poverty level.

HR25 and S18 would make America great and free again, but the Washington establishment will, no doubt, continue the communist tax system we now have. The lie must continue if the establishment wants to continue Karl Marx’s tax collection system.

Eddie Shurtleff, Rumford

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