I am very disappointed that Rep. Bruce Poliquin voted in favor of the slapdash effort the Republicans in Congress rushed through to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The initial bill failed to pass several weeks ago after the Congressional Budget Office scored the bill, indicating it would result in 24 million Americans losing their health insurance and adding significantly to the federal deficit.

The response of Poliquin and the Republicans in the House? Make the bill even worse in terms of cuts to Medicaid, reducing subsidies for lower-income Americans and leaving the coverage options up the states. Then, they rushed it through with no hearings and no Congressional Budget Office scoring. Most admitted they had not even read the bill.

Virtually all medical organizations, including physicians, hospitals, advocates for the poor, the elderly, associations for special needs children, the mentally ill, and those with chemical dependence have strongly opposed that bill. People with pre-existing conditions will not have sufficient protection. Costs will rise, and millions of people will lose their coverage.

Rep. Poliquin, despite many requests, has refused to hold a public forum. He is like a flim-flam man who sells the snake oil then disappears when the buyers want their money back.

Poliquin’s cynical vote to provide tax breaks for the rich while denying essential care to his constituents will not serve him well. That vote should remove all doubt where his loyalty lies.

I will not forget in the 2018 election.

Bill Frayer, Lewiston

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