The Senate killed a Republican bill on Tuesday that would have increased scrutiny on voting college students in Maine.

Five Republicans helped Democrats kill a bill from House Minority Leader Ken Fredette, R-Newport, that would have made cities and towns verify the residence of voters registered at a college dormitory.

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap’s office had flagged the bill as unconstitutional for creating “a different set of requirements for different classes of voters.”

There has been a history of friction with college voters in Maine, including a 2011 investigation by former Secretary of State Charlie Summers into students that found none committed voter fraud.

Maine Senate Roll Call Vote

LD 155 fails, 22-12.

  • Bellows of Kennebec, D, Nay
  • Brakey of Androscoggin, R, Yea
  • Breen of Cumberland, D, Nay
  • Carpenter of Aroostook, D, Nay
  • Carson of Cumberland, D, Nay
  • Chenette of York, D, Nay
  • Chipman of Cumberland, D, Nay
  • Collins of York, R, Yea
  • Cushing of Penobscot, R, Yea
  • Cyrway of Kennebec, R, Yea
  • Davis of Piscataquis, R, Yea
  • Deschambault of York, D, Nay
  • Diamond of Cumberland, D, Nay
  • Dill of Penobscot, D, Nay
  • Dion of Cumberland, D, Nay
  • Dow of Lincoln, R, Nay
  • Gratwick of Penobscot, D, Nay
  • Hamper of Oxford, R, Yea
  • Hill of York, D, Nay
  • Jackson of Aroostook, D, Nay
  • Katz of Kennebec, R, Nay
  • Keim of Oxford, R, Nay
  • Langley of Hancock, R, Nay
  • Libby of Androscoggin, D, Nay
  • Maker of Washington, R, Excused
  • Mason of Androscoggin, R, Yea
  • Millett of Cumberland, D, Nay
  • Miramant of Knox, D, Nay
  • Rosen of Hancock, R, Yea
  • Saviello of Franklin, R, Yea
  • Thibodeau of Waldo, R, Yea
  • Vitelli of Sagadahoc, D, Nay
  • Volk of Cumberland, R, Nay
  • Whittemore of Somerset, R, Yea
  • Woodsome of York, R, Yea

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