DEAR SUN SPOTS: Where can rhubarb be obtained locally to grow? I know the big box stores may carry it but it may not be zone appropriate. — Trudy, no town.

ANSWER: Rhubarb is one of those plants that does well when it is split and replanted every so often. It is a fairly common backyard plant, so if you are having trouble finding it for sale at local garden centers and nurseries, there could be a friend, relative or neighbor who has some that needs splitting.

According to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, rhubarb crowns should be split at least every four to five years, or whenever the plant begins to produce many small stalks rather than fewer large stalks. Rhubarb splitting and subsequent planting can be done in either the spring, when foliage is not fully mature, or in the fall, after foliage has been removed. More information about when and how to split your rhubarb can be found at

If you have rhubarb plants available or know where to purchase them, please contact Sun Spots.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Flowers for Food will be held at Food City in Livermore Falls starting today, May 11, through Saturday, May 13.

This event helps raise funds for our local Food Cupboard and also honors the memory of Marcel Castonguay.


Freshly-cut daffodils from several large gardens will be available for a donation to the Tri-Town Food Cupboard. So if anyone wishes to help fight hunger in our communities, they are urged to support the Flowers for Food fundraiser and even pick up some extras to brighten the day of a loved one or shut-in.

If any volunteers would like to help at the sale, please call Martina Eastman 207-897-3171 or Krista White 207-897-6773. We look forward to sharing our beautiful fresh flowers with the community while we raise money to help buy food for those who are hungry.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The City of Auburn needs you! If you have been looking for an opportunity to volunteer and to serve your community, now is the time. We are currently accepting applications for the boards and committees listed below.

Volunteering to serve your community will allow you to meet new people and to expand your social network. It is an opportunity to share your skills and experiences, while learning and developing new skills. If you would like to make a positive impact on your community, don’t hesitate, apply now!

The deadline to submit applications is 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2017.

Applications are available in the City Clerk’s office or by visiting our website at

Current vancancies include:

  • Auburn Housing Authority
  • Board of Assessment Review
  • Cable TV Advisory Committee
  • Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Complete Streets Committee
  • Conservation Commission
  • Lewiston Auburn Transit Committee
  • Forest Board
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
  • St. Louis Bells Committee

If you have questions, please contact Sue Clements-Dallaire, City Clerk at 207-333-6601, extension 1126 or [email protected]

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