Mary Jane Newell of Oxford was offended? (Letter, May 14.) How sad that anyone would approve of such an imitation of a man such as Donald Trump. Her bias is blinding.

Trump is not qualified to be president or even a dog-catcher.

People were led down a merry path, even though they witnessed some of his campaigning. I’m shocked at that. Money does not make the man. A man has to be much more than money and fame. Success is fine, but greed is not. Trump is not fit to be president.

My own father was 12 feet tall compared to Trump, and he had no money. He worked hard and was a good American, although he came from Canada originally.

Members of Congress need to get to work and save this country and do their job. Forget their party and be Americans first. Men and women have died for this country. We are better than this.

Republicans have been acting like snotty-nosed kids on the playground. It is past time to get to work and do what they were hired to do — work for the U.S.

Theresa Geissler, South Paris

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