This is in response to Richard Hotte (letter, May 10). He complained about President Trump’s failure to release tax reports. Perhaps Trump buried them beneath Obama’s college records and who paid for his college. Apparently, they would be very safe there.

Hotte complained about Trump’s failure to appoint Democrats to important positions in his administration. Could that have anything to do with the fact that Trump is a Republican? How many Republicans did Obama appoint?

Hotte complained about Trump attacking a hostile press and illegal immigrants. Doesn’t “illegal” mean “against the law”?

Hotte also stated that Trump is paranoid regarding his treatment by the press and by leftists. Really? All he has to do is pick up a copy of the New York Times or listen to NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., to see otherwise. I don’t need to comment on the leftist remark. A 10-year-old can tell that leftists hate Trump. That certainly doesn’t fit the word “paranoid” as used by Hotte.

He then goes off on a tirade accusing Trump of all sorts of mental issues. Isn’t it amazing how successful a man can become with all those handicaps?

I am having the time of my life listening to and reading the hysteria of the left.

Hillary lost. It’s over. Democrats need to get over it.

Trump has done more good for this country in his first 100 days than Obama did in eight years, while making America great again. Ask U.S. allies overseas.

Cornelius Swanton Sr., Rangeley

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