This is a response to Bob Pelletier’s letter, “Nothing much left downtown” (May 17).

He asks, “Hey Forbes — have you seen it? (downtown Lewiston).”

He complains about the cost of a meal in Lewiston’s upscale restaurants. Can he name a restaurant in another city of similar character that is cheaper? Does he realize those prices reflect the wealth currently living in the area?

Midnight walks in Lewiston? Would he feel safe walking at midnight through the Boston Common or the Boston Public Gardens? Bostonians don’t.

A couple of streets in downtown Lewiston don’t define Lewiston. Perhaps it is time for Pelletier to ride around the other 98 percent of our city. In some sections he might feel he is in one of the upscale southern Maine communities.

Each night the local news is filled with car accidents and missing children. Not murder, shootings and gangland violence.

Lewiston has two area hospitals whose emergency rooms are not overflowing with drug abusers.

It is not Forbes that is getting it wrong; it is the naysayers residing in Lewiston.

Robert Macdonald, mayor of Lewiston

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