This is in reply to Dave Griffiths’ letter (May 25) titled “Stop the whining about media.”

Griffiths is upset because many Americans believe that the liberal media is fake news and not to be believed. Finally, there is documented proof of the liberal media bias. Although, not a surprise to many Americans, a study at Harvard verified the “huge extent of anti-Trump media bias.”

The study showed that 93 percent of CNN and NBC news programs were slanted and biased against President Trump; 91 percent negative for CBS; but only 52 percent for Fox News. The written media averaged 85 percent anti-Trump bias.

President Trump has claimed that the media coverage is unprecedented in it biased coverage. The Harvard study agrees. It stated “Trumps coverage during the first 100 days set a new standard for negativity.”

Fox was the only news outlet that came close to giving Trump “positive coverage.”

As a member of the national media, Griffiths might want to get a copy of that media study and review the findings.


It’s hard to drain the swamp when the liberal media is part of the swamp.

The study shows that Fox is the only fair-and-balanced news organization to show any kind of neutrality in its news coverage. It’s not just me saying that, but the very liberal Harvard University media center.

The American people aren’t blind. They see the bias every day.

George Mathews, Auburn

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