DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a “complaint” and an opinion that I’d like to share.

What’s with the traffic light in New Auburn opposite Rolly’s Diner? The light facing Rolly’s when coming down the hill stays red for at least three long minutes, then turns green allowing one car through and then back to red. 

I hate to complain, but I bet lots of other folks feel the same. 

My opinion regards the consolidation of Lewiston and Auburn. I absolutely do not want that to happen. I love Auburn just the way it is. 

Thank you for allowing me to share.

— No name, Auburn


ANSWER: Sun Spots reached out to Gary Wadsworth, who is the highway operations manager for the city of Auburn, and he was good enough to track down an explanation.

According to Wadsworth, the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments said there seems to be a “detection issue” at that intersection, which means the light isn’t detecting waiting cars correctly.

He’s arranged to have a city electrician take a look at that light, so hopefully you’ll be able to pass through that intersection more quickly pretty soon.

Thanks for speaking up about the problem. It’s the only way things get fixed.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The GreenWood Gallery, which was established to help Maine artists successfully market their art, is looking for someone who would enjoy playing the guitar (folk music would be wonderful) or another musical instrument during our open house on June 24.

Our organization can not afford to pay the musician, but the musician could accept donations and distribute business cards.


This will be an outdoor event, one day only. If interested please call: 782-5118

— Anita Poulin, Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have several old records that I would like to sell. Can you advise me anyone who would be interested in them?

Also have a good record player I would sell.

My phone number is 207-875-2539.

— No name, Greenwood


DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are looking for members of Rev. Louis J. Fortier Knights of Columbus Council 106. The newsletters that we have sent out to them are being returned and we have not been able to find new addresses for these members. We are not even sure if some of them are still living.

If anyone could help us with the following names, that would be helpful. They’re listed with their last known towns: Richard E. Aube Sr., Lakeland, Florida; Thomas E. Audet, Portland, Maine; Edward A. Collins, Sabattus; George H. Doucet, Augusta; Paul E. Dumont Jr., Lewiston; Raymond L. Giguere, Hobe Sound, Florida; Norman Labbe, Auburn; Aristide J. Lahey, Rockport; Henry Leblanc, Lewiston; Raymond J. Leblanc, Altamonte Springs, Florida; Clarence P. Letourneau, Naples, Florida; Maurice R. Morisette, Lewiston; Newman L. Parent Jr., Lewiston; Henry L. Poulin, Lewiston; Jean M. Prevost, Lewiston; Henry L. Raymond Sr., Wales; Maurice R. Rioux, Lewiston; Lawrence Ward, Auburn; and Richard D. White, Lewiston.

If you can help, please call Leo at 207-784-0389.

— Leo Baillargeon, Lewiston

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