DEAR SUN SPOTS: Gartley Street School is reaching out to Lisbon and surrounding area communities for donations to expand our K-12 hands-on learning environment.

We provide a hands-on differentiated learning philosophy to accommodate the unique learning styles of our students.

Below is a list of items that we are looking to have donated to help support our students’ learning needs. New or used donations welcome.

Sewing machines and supplies; art supplies; tools; cooking ware (serving items, pots, pans, plates, etc.); bikes; bike parts; helmets, knee pads and elbow pads; scooters; skateboards; PE equipment, any kind of ball, cross-country skies, jump ropes; fishing equipment; camping equipment; garden tools; and books.

Items can be dropped off at Gartley Street School, 19 Gartley St. in Lisbon, or if there are multiple items we can arrange to have them picked up.

Please contact Director Kristie Morin at [email protected] with questions. 


Thank you!

ANSWER: Sun Spots is sure her readers are willing to help.

The Gartley Street School is a relatively new and innovative combination day treatment, alternative education and adult education facility for Lisbon students. According to school administrators, having the three different programs under one roof offers the district new ways to collaborate among programs to help students who learn in different ways and in different time frames.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to thank your reader who put me in touch with 93.5 FM for the country music on that station on Sundays, and two AM stations (1160 and 1400), although my truck doesn’t seem to pick up the AM stations very good. But, thanks a lot for your response.

Now, why doesn’t the Sports Department put in the LPGA winners, maybe the top 10 plus the money they win? They are on almost every week. I know a few women who are upset.

The Sports Department has a few things on the pages, like soccer. Who cares about that?


ANSWER: Oh, my. There are many, many people who care about soccer, which is why our Sports Department makes sure those results are published.

There are many people who care about the LPGA, too, but our Sports Department has to pick among the thousands of game results that come in every week based on what our readers tell us they want to see. We haven’t heard from very many about professional ladies golf, but maybe there are others?

And, if Sun Spots may, the LPGA tour may not be televised every week, but those ladies work very hard every weekend through the year. The first tournament this year was in January — the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic — and the last tournament of the year is scheduled in November, the CME Group Tour Championship played in Naples, Florida.

That last tournament offers one of the largest purses of the year: $2.5 million!

That’ll buy a lot of golf balls.

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