As a public service, Bag Lady wants to make sure you have June 19 marked on your calendars.

Yes, that’s National Martini Day (critical), but there’s even more reason to celebrate.


And yeah, I’m excited.

Instead of solving a murder, the new version of the game of Clue featuring Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia will have players solving the mystery of who ate the cheesecake. The game board is laid out like their shared Florida home and instead of a miniature rope and lead pipe, playing pieces include a can of hairspray and Sophia’s purse.

It sounds awesome and couldn’t be coming at a better time: The children are nearly out of school, the mosquitoes are biting and it’s time to freshen up the board game selection upta camp.


Bag Lady’s recommendation, of course, is to put Golden Girls Clue in its new rightful spot beside the 1965 version of The Game of Life and that deck of cards missing all the queens. But just in case you need more options:

• Scrabble Slam! card game, Marden’s, $4.79

Spell different four-letter words to victory! It’s almost like Words With Friends except it’s words with friends, like, in the same room. Unless your sister brought her new boyfriend, in which case it’s like words with friends and Chuck.

• Classic poker, Marden’s, $4.99

With 80 chips and a deck of cards packed in a tin, and hopefully, some instructions on how to play. Bag Lady has gone ‘lo these many decades without ever learning. So yeah, come sit next to me …

• Little Golden Books Board Game, Marden’s, $6.99


Include the entire family in this pretty simple, let’s-move-in-a-circle board game. Land in the wrong spot and you have to bark like a dog. So the evening could get interesting, is what I’m saying.

• Apples to Apples Freestyle, Big Lots, $10

This freestyle version is sort of like the Pictionary of Apples to Apples: Instead of using random cards drawn from the deck to best (and hilariously) answer random questions, players in this game write their own answers on little apple-shaped dry erase boards. So no pressure, but yeah, the pressure’s totally on. 

• Chess, checkers and tic tac toe set, Big Lots, $10

Tic tac toe gets its own adorable, tiny board which almost makes it worth the purchase alone. (You play with little checker pieces.) A great way to spend a rainy Saturday while also beating the pants off Uncle Ted.

Best find: Trivial Pursuit: The 2000’s, Walmart, $19.86


Trivial Pursuit board games are Bag Lady’s personal, longtime fave and this one stars the 2000’s, which we all just lived through, so we HAVE to know some of the answers!

C’mon, come name all the members of O-Town with me.

Think twice: Monopoly Token Madness, Walmart, $14.38

Not a bad board game, per se, but not for those with attention spans under three hours. (Bag Lady raises hands here.) I don’t believe I’ve ever finished a game of Monopoly in my entire life. This one has 16 metal tokens, a mix of classics like the thimble and newcomers like a penguin. So we’ve got a huge time commitment coupled with a lot of game pieces to lose.

I’d rather smoke out a cheesecake thief, thanks.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who are too old for games unless it’s “Where’s the ham?”) and the customer service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

Coming June 19 from USAopoly: Clue: The Golden Girls edition.

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