The letter by Hugh Keene (June 4) was well written and to the point. I find it difficult to understand the fact that when the Legislature makes the laws, the public must follow and comply, and when they do not comply, they must pay the penalty. When the citizens make the laws through referendum and the Legislature does not follow and comply with the laws passed, they pay no penalty if they do not adhere to the law as voted.

As I read the state of Maine Constitution, the state is responsible for education. State officials make the laws, rules and consequences of breaking such laws and rules, but they do not seem to want to supply enough money to fund the educational needs of Maine students. More and more of the education needs have been passed down to the property taxpayers. There are less subsidies, more unfunded mandates and hardly any help in school additions or construction costs, which have been added onto the school and municipal budgets.

The costs at the end of that downward spiral end coming out of the taxpayers’ pocketbooks. That has to end.

I would ask the Legislature and Gov. Paul LePage to enact Referendum 2 as written.

Carl Beckett, Mechanic Falls

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