A few days before Memorial Day, I ran some errands, and I learned that many businesses (all retail) were going to be open on Memorial Day. I was rather disappointed hearing that.

I feel that Memorial Day, along with other major holidays, are family oriented and should be a time that working folks can celebrate the day as they wish with their families.

Apparently, however, the need for profit outweighs the workers’ needs and results in many families being apart on days of celebration or solace.

I wonder how many people feel that those holidays should be a paid day off from work? Or how many people do have them off and would be angry if they were taken away?

I wonder how many people who said “yes” to those questions actually go shopping on those days instead of going before or after the holiday. What items are so important that they can’t be purchased before the holiday or put off until the following day?

Retail workers are workers just like everyone else and should be able to enjoy their family time as the rest of us do. When people go to a business on a holiday, the staff at that business probably have families at home.

Understandably, there are some occupations that demand workers 24/7, such as police, hospitals, power line workers, etc. But retailers are just looking for profits.

Thoughtful planning by consumers would allow those workers to celebrate holidays with their families.

Joseph Mailey, Auburn

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