100 years ago, 1917
Just how closely the present great war is coming home to Lewiston and Auburn is exemplified in the recent experience of the Fitz Empire Double Rivet Last Co., which is the machinery branch of the Fitz Bros. plant in Auburn. “The first of June,” said Manager George F. Mason, “we made a shipment of machinery to England. This week, however, we received a cable from London, which read, ‘Machinery sunk. Replace at once.’ So we are about to duplicate this order from Great Britain, wondering if the second will get across safely!”

50 years ago, 1967
It’s said that music hath charm that soothes the savage beast — but sometimes it is beastly to humans. That was the case last night as a bunch of young people gathered at an Auburn building to rehearse. At 9:23 p.m. police got a call from a nearby resident who complained that no one could sleep with all that noise going on. Police checked, and found six youngsters deeply engrossed in their music — so deeply that they didn’t realize it was that late, they told police. It was suggested that they turn off their practice sessions at 8:30 in the future.

25 years ago, 1992
Lewiston is planning a “Joey Gamache Day” for the boxer upon his return from vacation, Mayor James Howaniec said. Gamache, who captured a second world championship in defeating Korean Chil Sung Chun on June 13 in Portland, left for a vacation before the city could put on a celebration, the mayor said. “We are planning a Joey Gamache Day celebration,” he said Monday. “But he’s out of the country until after the Fourth of July.” The celebration will include a parade and a ceremony at the gazebo in Kennedy Park, Howaniec said. “We’re very proud of Joey and his accomplishments,” the mayor said. “He’s had a very positive impact upon the city, especially the city’s young people. His hard-work ethic is an inspiration for us all.”

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