Change is always difficult for people to accept, but with common sense and understanding, people can begin to accept change.

Through the years, the city councilors from both Lewiston and Auburn commissioned studies to try to find ways the two cities could work together to save money, but when it came to implementing, it was time for a new election, and the new city councilors shut down the plans. To me, that was playing politics and not making decisions that make things better for the citizens of both cities.

As it stands today, both cities have city managers and the same type of administrative systems. That includes positions such as an assistant manager, human resources, superintendent of schools and others. City administrators should be able to agree that, over a period of time, some of those positions could be eliminated, saving a substantial amount of money. Not all city administration staff would be needed.

Honestly, whenever a city needs to cut expenses, it usually eliminates the blue-collar workers who are usually in the lowest paying jobs. The front line workers need to perform the day-to-day services, such as public works.

The police and fire departments could have more front line police officers and firefighters. The schools could provide better education and opportunities for all students.

By joining the two communities, there is an opportunity to make the economy grow. I hope voters in both cities take the time to make a decision based on facts.

Richard Grandmaison, Lewiston

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