PARIS — The Twitchell Observatory on Hooper Ledge Road is offering a new one-night class, Stargazing Jumpstart, July 15, Aug. 19 and Oct. 19.

The introduction to the night sky will feature some of the major constellations — lions and dragons and bears — plus a bright star or other object found in each. Participants will learn to read a sky map to locate them, an interesting fact about each object, and a bit about the mythology behind the constellation names.

Participants will also look at a planet or two and a few deep-sky objects with the observatory’s telescope, as time allows. There will be information packets to take home. 

The schedule for the monthly open observatory nights includes:

June: Saturn, Jupiter and the moon.

July: New/returning constellations, double stars Albireo, (in Cygnus, the swan), Polaris (North Star in the Little Dipper), and Alcor/Mizar (Big Dipper), plus Saturn, Jupiter and the moon.

Those interested in attending may contact the Oxford Hills/Buckfield Adult Education. Classes are small, so early registration is encouraged. The cost is $25 per person.

FMI:,; 207-743-8842, ext. 1.

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Twitchell Observatory

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