DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a couple of old cars that need to be appraised. Would anyone know offhand who does antique car appraisals? I am looking to have this done in the Oxford County area.

— No name, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots asked a local car enthusiastic who he recommends, and he asked his friends. Unfortunately, they don’t know anyone in Oxford County, but they highly recommended these two:

• Frank Barron, who runs Hole in the Wall Garage on Bradman Street in Auburn. Phone 207-784-2510. He’s very reasonable, and will travel to Oxford County.

• Jim Pitman at Jim’s Auto Sales in Auburn, 1097 Center St. Phone 207-784-5438. He has quite an extensive collection of muscle and classic cars, with a reputation as a very fair guy.

How about it readers? Do you have any suggestions for someone who appraises antique cars in Oxford County?


DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are looking for a few volunteers who can lift 25 pounds or more on a regular basis at our food pantry at Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls.

We pick up food at Good Shepherd Food Bank, Shaw’s, Hannaford, Marden’s, Walmart and Save-A-Lot every week during the school year.

We have a tremendous group of volunteers but, unfortunately, our heavy lifters have moved on to jobs or can no longer lift heavy things. We need people we can depend on to be available on the days to which they commit.

If you would like to help those in need of food in your community, please call Rose Frost, director of Mannafed, at 207-345-3381.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Friends of Pettingill School Park need volunteers to help with some yardwork at the park, which is on College Street in Lewiston. 

We need:


• Rototill two flower beds: A volunteer (or a low-cost worker) with a tiller. Then we need additional volunteers to take out the grass and weeds.

• Bring in the loam: We can use the city’s source for loam at a low cost, but we need a volunteer to supply a truck and transport. The city will load the truck. Additional volunteers will be needed to unload the truck.

• Add compost: We have a source, but need a volunteer to supply a truck and transport. Additional volunteers needed to unload it.

• Rock on: Bring in a big rock and two smaller ones to put in the larger bed. Ideas?

• Planting: Members of the FoP steering committee have offered perennials from their gardens. We are also pursuing donations from local garden centers. Any contacts would be appreciated. Our wish list includes astilbe and purple cone flowers (echinacea), along with annuals to add color during this season. We will also need mulch.

If you can help, please leave a message for Carolyn at 376-6997 or Bill Maroldo at 795-1386. 

We have two major events planned for this summer and it would be great to have the beds ready. They include an outdoor concert on July 25 headlined by Denny Breau, and the Aug. 9 “Summer Fun & Films Mid-Week Movie Night” sponsored by the Lewiston Police Department.

— Friends of Pettingill Steering Committee, Lewiston

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