According to the AARP Fraud Watch Network, a new scam involves victimizing homeowners with security signs in yards, on doors or windows.

AARP reports that homeowners with home security system signs posted in their yards, doors or windows should be wary of a summer scam: Fraudsters are hiring college students to walk through neighborhoods looking for homes with security system signs.

The students tell these homeowners that their security company is going out of business, and a new “company” is taking over the account. The homeowner is told that he or she has to buy new equipment and sign a new contract, the AARP warns. However, the equipment is fake, and the homeowner ends up paying for a service that won’t be provided.

“If you get this kind of visit, check first with your home security company,” AARP advises. Verify, verify, verify.

“Better yet, don’t do business with someone who comes unsolicited to your home,” AARP says.

Contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network at for more information.

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