I have had it with this president. It is time to impeach President Donald Trump. He is inadequately prepared to be leading this country. It is bad enough that the president uses Twitter as the communication channel to the citizens of this great country, but when he uses his bully Twitter pulpit to demean more than 50 percent of the country’s citizens, women, it is unacceptable. And, I believe worthy of impeachment when it is combined with his desire to take health care away from more than 20 million people.

That act would also be another assault against women, because it would take away support for Planned Parenthood and much of Medicaid coverage.

Add his nepotism acts of appointing his son-in-law to a major role and his daughter as an inside adviser, and his actions border on the absurd.

Trump must be stopped before he throws a Twitter tantrum and lands America in World War III with the likes of North Korea. I am fearful that the U.S. has already lost the hard-earned respect of the rest of the world — a respect earned, in part, by the elected leadership since this nation’s inception.

Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King and Rep. Bruce Poliquin should bring forward impeachment articles. It is time. I just hope it is not past time.

Dennise Whitley, Norway

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