6/30/2017 1401hrs, Deputy Doucette responded to Arnold Trail in Eustis regarding a report of people firing weapons too close to the complainant’s residence.

7/1/2017 0713hrs, Deputy Burke investigated a reported harassment complaint on the Birches Beach Rd in Rangeley Plt.  Investigation revealed this was more of a border dispute between neighbors.  

7/1/2017 0910hrs, Deputy Doucette assisted State Police with a domestic disturbance on the Maine Dowel Rd in Avon.

7/1/2017 1408hrs, Sgt. Hartley responded to a report of an unattended death on Reeds Mill Rd in Phillips.  

7/1/2017 1533hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated a late report of a hit in run which occurred in the parking lot of Smalls Falls in Sandy River Plt.  


7/1/2017 2147hrs, Deputy McCormick was flagged down on route 4 in Avon by a man who was in mental health crises, he was transported to FMH.

7/2/2017 0532hrs, Deputy Doucette investigated a late report of a car vs. deer accident on the Rand Rd in Industry.

7/2/2017 1731hrs, Deputy McCormick responded to a later report of an accident which occurred on Center Hill Rd in Weld.  The driver was charged with failing to report an accident by quickest means.

7/2/2017 1935hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a domestic disturbance on the Reeds Mills Rd in Madrid.  No charges were filed regarding the domestic; however one man was charged as a felon in possession of a firearm.

7/2/2017 0543hrs, Deputy Doucette received a late report of a domestic disturbance which had occurred on the horseshoe pone road in Chesterville.  As a result of the investigation, Francis Leidy (32) of Lewiston was arrested for domestic violence aggravated assault Class B felony.

7/2/2017 1135hrs, Deputy Doucette assisted Jay Police as a drug recognition specialist.  


7/2/2017 2326hrs, Detective Ken Charles investigated a report of a sex crime on the Starks Rd in New Sharon.

7/2/2017 1500hrs, Deputy Burke investigated a late report of an accident which occurred on Norcross Hill Rd in Chesterville.  

7/3/2017 1143hrs, Deputy Burke responded to a car vs. deer accident on foster hill Rd in Freeman Twp. The deer died at the scene the car sustained reportable damage.

7/3/2017 1316hrs, Sgt. Hartley responded to the Norton road in Chesterville regarding a report of a person possibly in some sort of medical distress.  Upon arrival, Hartley could not locate anyone who needed medical attention.

7/3/2017 1846hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated a harassment complaint on Hennessey Rd in Industry.  The complainant called to report that the suspect had contacted her two days after a harassment trespass notice had expired.  She wanted the contact to cease once again.

7/3/2017 2259hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to the French Rd in Chesterville regarding a threatening complaint.  The complainant did not wish to pursue charges however if the suspect involved continued to drive by his house he would call back.


7/4/2017 0823hrs, Deputy Madore responded to Placid Rd in Avon regarding a threatening complaint.  The complainant had called because his dog had bit a person the day before.  The person who was bitten arrived demanding a copy of the rabies certificate, when the complainant could not immediately produce documentation; he made threats towards the complainant.

7/4/2017 1127hrs, Deputy Madore investigated a theft of tools complaint on the Carthage Rd in Carthage.

7/4/2017 1551hrs, Sgt. Bean and Deputy McCormick responded to Cohoon Rd in Chesterville regarding a suicidal person. The person was located and transported to FMH to be evaluated.

7/4/2017 2223hrs, Deputy McCormick conducted a traffic stop on the Mercer Rd in New Sharon.  As a result of the stop Heidi Labbe (48) of Livermore Falls was arrested for OUI and transported to jail.

7/5/2017 0822hrs, Deputy Madore served a trespass notice on a man to stay away from a residence in Avon.  

7/5/2017 1039hrs, Deputy Madore received a complaint from the Carthage Rd in Carthage of a missing person however determined that the man was not missing and was possibly driving around intoxicated according to witnesses who have seen him during the morning.


7/5/2017 1227hrs, Deputy Madore investigated a harassment complaint on the Ridge Rd in Chesterville. The complainant stated that an ex was harassing her via text messages; they are in the middle of divorce proceedings.  

7/5/2017 1338hrs, Sgt. Bean and Lt. Rackliffe responded to Norton Hill Rd in Strong for a report of an unattended death.  

7/5/2017 1800hrs, Sgt. Brann investigated a trespassing complaint on Sunrise View Rd in New Vineyard.  The issue is between the complainant, and her ex-boyfriend.

7/5/2017 1904hrs, Sgt. Brann arrested Aaron Billings on a warrant after Mr. Billings turned himself in at the jail.

7/5/2017 2141hrs, Deputy McCormick and Sgt. Brann responded to the Ridge Rd in Chesterville regarding a harassment complaint filed earlier in the day that Deputy Madore had handled.  William Packer (48) of Chesterville was served with a harassment notice for harassing his soon to be ex-spouse.  Packer returned and continued to harass the complainant.  He was located and arrested for Domestic Violence Stalking Class C and transported to jail.

7/5/2017 2351hrs, Sgt. Bean responded to Jay to assist the Police dept. with a request for a K-9.


7/6/2017 0957hrs, Deputy Scovil arrested Jacob Hine (20) of Livermore falls at the Jail.  Mr. Hine came in to conduct a jail visit however it was discovered that he had arrived with three warrants for his arrest.

7/6/2017 1133hrs, Deputy Scovil conducted a welfare check on a teenager on the Farmington Falls Rd in New Sharon.

7/6/2017 11234hrs, Sgt. Bean assisted Wilton Police with a report of a suicidal person on Main St. in Wilton.

7/6/2017 2112hrs, Sgt. Brann responded to a 911 hang-up complaint on Chesterville Hill Rd in Chesterville.

7/7/2017 2318hrs, Sgt. Bean attempted to stop a pickup for a traffic violation on the Dutch Gap Rd in Chesterville.  The driver of the pickup refused to stop initially and attempted to elude Bean.  Bean caught up to the vehicle when it stopped at the corner store in Chesterville however the stop was short lived as the driver sped away again.  The driver of the pickup, David Nelson (28) of Farmington, eventually crashed on the Ridge Rd in Chesterville and was arrested for Eluding an Officer Class C Felony and disorderly conduct.

Deputies conducted 23 building checks all were found secure; they also conducted 8 elder checks.

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