LIVERMORE — Selectpersons agreed Tuesday evening that new Code Enforcement Officer Travis Tardif is the Planning Board’s designee, who will be the first person to contact for a permit.

Tardif shared ideas that would streamline the process and created a site plan dummy sheet. Everyone will be required to fill out a building permit application.

“Even if it doesn’t pertain to a building plan or if it gets rejected, there would be no fee,” he said. “I could get all needed laws and ordinances together to pass on to the Planning Board.”

There is a misconception that everything related to shoreland zoning has to go through the Planning Board, he said. The town ordinance has a chart indicating the types of land use permitted in various zones and what authorization is needed. Several sections of the ordinance refer to “the Planning Board or its designee.”

“I would like to get it in writing that I’m the designee,” Tardif said. “I’m the one (who is) paid to know these rules. No one should know the rules better. I should be able to sign off on a lot of these one home residences.”

Selectperson Megan Dion said it could save a lot of time and effort for residents and Planning Board members. Her husband, Matt Dion, serves on the board.


“The Planning Board is mostly for businesses and subdivisions,” Tardif said. “If there was something I wasn’t comfortable with, I would pass it on.” 

In other business, selectpersons approved the special amusement permit application for DogLegs LLC. The restaurant at Maple Lane Golf Course wants to feature comedy acts and cater anniversary and birthday parties with disc jockeys or live bands.

Restaurant owners Scott Bessey, Marc Kelvey and David McCarthy would offer these services this winter after golf season, Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said.

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