The ongoing summer project to upgrade sewer lines has moved to Stillwater Avenue.

The project had been on Center Street, which had been closed to all but local traffic for the past few weeks; as of last Thursday, Center Street was reopened, with no more full closures anticipated. Loaming and seeding are, for the most part, all that remains to be done on 7th, oak and Center Streets.

From there the project This part of the project was a great success, which is attributed to ALL parties involved. Especially the residence of Old Town, businesses and the traveling public.

As of the beginning of this week, however,Stillwater Ave is closed to all thru traffic at both ends, from its intersections with Main and Center Streets, starting at 6 a.m. daily. Stillwater Avenue will reopen for all thru traffic, when construction ends each day; that leg of the project is expected to take about five weeks/

During construction times, traffic coming from Orono on Stillwater Avenue to Old-Town will be diverted at the intersection of Center Street and Stillwater Avenue down Center Street. Traffic coming from Milford can either go left to Rte 2 towards Orono, straight thru on Center Street or out Gilman Falls Avenue. Appropriate signage will be posted.

All Interstate 95 traffic going North or South can take Gilman Falls Avenue, Center Street or Rte 2.

Local residents or commuters will be able to access their home(s)/businesses and schools,and an attempt is being made to minimize disruptions to all. However, with the scope of work the contractor has to do, disruptions will happen; the traveling public is urged to seek alternates routes to reduce any potential added commute time.

Flaggers will be present at each end of the project. Should you have any question regarding access to your destination on Stillwater Avenue, please ask them.

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