LIVERMORE FALLS — Bailey Brothers Ford owner Brenda Brochu told selectmen at their meeting Tuesday night that she was looking to move her Park Street business to another town because of a series of poor decisions they made.

The final straw for her, she said, was a survey of the land around the fire station next to Bailey Brothers’ property. Last year, a survey was conducted in anticipation of fire station renovations.

However, Brochu noted, that survey was disregarded.

Another survey was conducted this year that indicated the town owned part of Bailey Brothers’ land, and selectmen approved it at their June 28 meeting.

No one from the town contacted her to tell her that the first survey was null and void, she said.

“That, unfortunately, is a sad and shoddy way to do politics in town,” Brochu said.

She recalled that last year, selectmen initially agreed to purchase a truck from Bailey Brothers for the sewer department, only to reverse their decision and buy the truck from an out-of-town business.

“I just really hope the new board sees fit to do the right thing for the taxpaying businesses in town, as well as the taxpayers. They’re all important,” Brochu emphasized.

Brochu said if a deed was discovered that was at odds with the survey, “we’ll revisit it. Until then, I expect my tax assessment to be looked at to be sure I’m paying the right amount for land on that lot.”

She said Bailey Brothers’ vehicles would be moved off the part of the lot in question as dictated by the town.

“That slice of land which means so much for all that money and aggravation to a local business is ridiculous,” Brochu said.

Also, she said, many years ago a culvert had been installed on Sewall Street to divert runoff, which ended up on Bailey Brothers’ property because catch basins in the area can’t handle it.

“Nothing’s been done about that,” Brochu said. “If I continue to erode back there and I lose part of my building back there, I’m going to be back here again.”

Fire Chief Edward Hastings IV noted that trucks would be able to get in and out of the renovated fire station without having to use Bailey Brothers’ property.

In other fire department business, he said that there are some pay levels in the department at minimum wage. Hastings noted there was enough money left from last year’s budget to provide $1.50 per hour more through Dec. 31 for each of the pay steps above minimum wage.

He said the wage increases would not raise the budget voters approved at the June town meeting. The extra money would give members of the department extra incentive to boost their skills through training, Hastings said.

Town Manager Kristal Flagg noted that the sewer project on Bailey Street has been completed. Any sags in the line have been taken care of and new services connected.

She said she didn’t have a final cost for the project yet.

The next selectmen meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 1.

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