Four out of five members of the Maine Liquor and Lottery Commission have rather strange priorities, or perhaps they need a good dose of reality. It is just amazing that those people, in such a responsible position, would put commerce ahead of safety and littering in backing the continued sales of nips. Perhaps they should try picking up trash along highways to see the extent of the problem.

The litter alone should be enough to halt nips sales. The safety factor puts the problem in another league.

Anyone can figure out that nips are being purchased, drunk and discarded roadside to avoid detection by police or a spouse. A fair amount of money is spent on special OUI patrols trying to prevent and find people driving under the influence. Why would anyone want to make it easy for people to sneak a few extra drinks of hard liquor while driving their cars?

With thinking like what was exhibited by members of the Liquor and Lottery Commission, perhaps people should be allowed to sell liquor or beer by the cup in roadside stands. Hell, they could even allow those stands to furnish pills to the other addicted folks.

Dwight Mills, Greenwood

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